Heritage Picnic 7/31/15

For release on or after: AM of Fri. 7/31/15

Philippine Americans to hold 4th Annual Heritage Picnic Aug. 2

State Rep. Stan Saylor, County Judge Candidate Chris Menges, DJ with Music, Philippine Heritage Food, GOP County Chairman at Cousler Park

The Fourth Annual Heritage Picnic of Philippine American Heritage Council will be held Sunday, Aug. 2 at Cousler Park, 1060 Church Rd., York PA, 12 noon to 5 PM with a program starting at 2 PM which includes two different Philippine Dance Troupes, a professional DJ with a variety of music, a variety of foods from the Philippines including the famous “Lumpia” spring roll, a charcoal barbecue grill for those bringing hots dogs, chicken and burgers, and speeches by a state legislator, candidate for County Judge and political party county chairman.

State Representative Stan Saylor, making his first appearance before the group, has been asked to deliver keynote remarks on American Exceptionalism and to explain the founding fathers’ vision of a legislature to check and balance the executive branch of government to help preserve freedom, a concept originally championed in the 800 years old Magna Charta in England.

Candidate for County Judge Chris Menges has been asked to explain why an independent Judiciary and the foundation of law are pillars of freedom.

York County GOP Chairman Alex Shorb has been asked to speak on how competing political parties give people choices and how this helps assure freedom.

The Philippine American Heritage Council has had 50 to 100 attendees at their annual picnic, which has in the past been addressed by Congressman Scott Perry, State Representatives Seth Grove, Kristin Hill and Kate A. Klunk and the Democratic Party nominee for State Senator, Linda Hill.  Candidates from both parties and the two major party county chairmen have been invited each year to speak at the picnic.  Richard Buck, a member of the organization’s national board of directors will also be in attendance from Virginia, together with Ronald Wilcox, Executive Director of the parent non-profit organization.

The Chairman of the Philippine American Heritage Council was keynote speaker May 24 at the U.S. Navy Supply Corps Assembly in Mechanicsburg on the occasion of their annual celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Last week after the shooting of four Marines and one Navy sailor the Philippine American Heritage Council delivered flowers and a message of support to the Military Recruiter offices at 315 Loucks Road, York PA.  Their posterized message left outside the offices with the flowers said in part, “Our country of origin, the Republic of the Philippines, is free thanks to armed Americans in WW2.  We could never have been free without you.  God bless America.”

The Council is open to membership for Americans interested in the Philippines, as well as Americans of Philippine ancestry.  Those who would like to attend the annual heritage picnic Sunday or learn more about the group may visit http://PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org.

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