PURPOSE: New Americans by Choice

…is an informal association of “new Americans by choice” dedicated to preserving and sharing the best of the Judeo-Christian, freedom heritage and culture of our adopted country America, and of our country of origin and cultivating friendship between the old country and our new country.  We also welcome membership by Americans who wish to support our purpose, which is to unabashedly sing out in praise about American exceptionalism, reminding newcomers to America why we gave up so much to come here, and also reminding our fellow Americans who have citizenship by accident of birth, why America is exceptional and that our rights given by God, the blessings bestowed on us by the sacrifices made by earlier generations, should be respected, appreciated and defended.  We also realize that we “new Americans by Choice” have a unique role as Ambassadors of the United States of America to those who still reside in “the old country.”  Membership is open to First Generation Americans regardless of whether they have already become citizens or not, so long as they are here legally, as well as the “accidental” (birth) Americans who wish to help us and support us.  God bless America, and also all those from our countries of origin.


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