Philippine American Heritage Council at York Fair


The Philippine American Heritage Council is participating in the York County Fair.

KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble and Halo-Halo Youth Dancers to perform Under Auspices of Philippine American Heritage Council at “Welcoming Week” event for new Americans at the Oldest County Fair in USA on Saturday, September 15

The Philippine American Heritage Council is pleased to announce its participation at America’s first and oldest County Fair at the York County Fairgrounds in the National Welcoming Week, to welcome new Americans to the United States, starting this Saturday with a dance performance by its KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble and it’s associated junior group, the Halo-Halo Youth Dancers.

Performance of KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble (the Filipino word for “Freedom”) and the Halo-Halo youth dancers is from 4 to 4:30 PM at the Cultural Pavilion of the York County Fair.  Don’t Miss it!!

This year, the “Welcoming Week” event started on Friday, Sept. 14, and concludes Thursday, Sept. 20.  In the City of York, Central Pennsylvania, featuring various free family-friendly activities, with the purpose of strengthening the community composed of diverse heritage groups.

The Cultural Pavilion at 2018 York Fair where dance 2 dance groups provided by Philippine American Heritage Council to perform Sat. 9/15/18.

Today, September 15, the second day of the Welcoming Week intercultural celebration to be held at the York Fairgrounds, with live music and dance entertainers, at the York Fair’s Community Pavilion.  The huge Community Pavilion is one of the new features of the 2018 fair.  There are free daily activities and entertainment under the big tent.  This Saturday will be the second to the last day of the annual York Fair.

“Welcoming Week” is an annual event celebrated in different parts of the United States including this week overlapping with part of the York County Fair at the York Fairgrounds.

Activities all week.  Welcome week flyer HERE.

Activities all week. Welcome week flyer HERE.

The objective is to bring together immigrants, refugees and native-born residents to build common ground, stronger communities and unity..  Our goal is to help foster an appreciation of heritage and culture by showcasing colorful traditional costumes, song and dance performances, various heritage foods and other activities that will attract both residents of York City and County as well as visitors both young and old who visit this annual Fair.

Another new features of the York Fair introduced this year is the intercultural presentation which the Philippine American Heritage Council is a founding participant.

Everyday from the opening day on Friday, Sept.7, until the closing day on Sept. 16, Sunday, there are different heritage group entertainment and activities.

“Cultural diversity enriches America.  Together with unity – splendidly summarized in the de-facto national motto of the United States, E Pluribus Unum (out of the many, one) these values enable America to continue as the land of opportunity and the beacon of hope which attracts so many newcomers every year.  We join in welcoming them during this special week,” said Emy Delgaudio, Chairman of the Philippine American Heritage Council.

Line up of event at the Cultural Pavilion (Photo credit: Emy Delgaudio)

Emy Delgaudio also praised the Welcoming Week Advisory Committee Chair and Director of the New American Welcome Center, Jose Santiago, who presided over a series of planning and advisory meetings which she participated in during the months before the event.  “His leadership and good work will result in the best “welcoming week” ever, only to be exceeded by next year’s event which will be even bigger and better, she said.

In behalf of the Advisory Committee, Emy invited both the KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble (where she is a performer) and the Halo-Halo Youth Dancers to participate in this year’s “welcoming week” festivities for the first time.

The whole day event at the York Fair’s Cultural pavilion on Saturday, will feature mostly Latin and Hispanic performers as well as performances by other dance groups, including Philippine-American and Haitian-American dance groups, then the crowning of the Miss Latina 2018, in honor and celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to October 15).

Filipinos are very comfortable associating with the Hispanic segment of the “welcome week” event because the Philippines is a blend of American, Hispanic and Asian cultures.

The Kalayaan USA Cultural Ensemble dancing the Subli at the 2018 Annual Cultural Fest in Dauphin County at Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg, 8/3/2018. Front L to R: Emy Delgaudio & Elomar “Jan” Siennick. Back, L to R: Mila Thomas, Lauryn Parcon, Valerie Shutt, Aaliyah Haya. (Photo credit: Louis McKinney Sr.)

The “Welcoming Week” event is supported with enthusiasm because it helps achieve the mission of the Philippine American Heritage Council and its Kalayaan Cultural Ensemble – to share what is best about Filipino culture, history and beliefs while at the same time, sharing with our fellow “new Americans by choice,” what is great about America.

The dance troupe “KalayaanUSA” (the Filipino word for “freedom”) is one major part of our outreach to achieve our mission as a non-profit organization.

Philippines-American Heritage Museum

Another major part of our outreach is the mobile “Heritage Museum” of the Philippine-American Heritage Council, a cultural display which will be setup as its own Pavilion at the York Fairgrounds, sharing culture, history, beliefs and basic information about the Philippines and the United States (look for the white tent near the Cultural Pavilion with the PAHC banner).

Halo-Halo Youth Dancers, with choreography by Valerie Shutt, dancing the world famous Philippine folkdance, Tinikling, at the 2018 Annual Cultural Fest, 8/3/2018. (Photo credit: Louis McKinney Sr.)

Halo-Halo Youth Dancers

The Philippine American Heritage Council is pleased to announce through its recommendation and endorsement, that the Halo-Halo Youth Dancers will also perform at this annual “Welcome Week” celebration at the York Fairgrounds this week.

Kalayaan USA Cultural Ensemble and Halo-Halo Youth Dancers will perform for 30 minutes, from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm. The Filipino folkdances they will perform will be Subli , Pandanggo Sa Ilaw (Pandanggo with Light), Sinisinta Kita, Princess Dance (mixed of the traditional Pag-Apir and Kzadoratan dances), Tinikling (Bamboo Dance), and Paypay de Manila (Fan Dance).

Bongga Ka Day

These two (2) Phil-Am dance groups also performed at the recently concluded 2018 Annual Cultural Fest in Dauphin County (Harrisburg, PA), on Aug. 3, 2018.  They were joined by another Phil-Am dance team called Bongga Ka Day (based in Harrisburg), which is also endorsed and embraced by the Philippine American Heritage Council.  The popular all ladies dance team performed at the past two consecutive, annual summer-time Heritage Fiesta’s (next year will be annual event #8).  The most recent event, despite the rain, matched last year’s 100+ attendance once again.

Group picture of 3 Phil-Am dance groups: Kalayaan USA Cultural Dance Ensemble (sponsored and a project of the Philippine American Heritage Council), Bongga Ka Day (of Harrisburg), Halo-Halo Youth Dancers, taken before their performance at the Dauphin County Cultural Fest, Aug. 3, in Harrisburg, PA. (Photo credit: Bongga Ka Day/Lovelita Jacoby)

We invite family and friends of our Phil-Am community as well as Americans who want to support our work to watch and show support  to our dance volunteers who have been spending time and resources in coming up with beautiful choreographies of the different Filipino cultural dances to be able to share them with different audiences in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

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For more details of the Welcoming Week weeklong activities please go HERE.

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