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10/9/15, Vol. 1, Issue 2.

Kalayaan News - E-Newsletter - Freedom News from a Philippine American perspective

Kalayaan News – E-Newsletter – Freedom News from a Philippine American perspective

International Day in Camden County, NJ on Sat, 10/10/15

Annual “Follow the Dream Pageant” Benefit Dance Saturday 11/14

Luzviminda Holiday Fiesta Christmas Party set for 11/28 in Steelton, PA

International Day in Camden County, New Jersey on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Philippine American Heritage Council: Member or Subscriber?

Philippine American Heritage Dance Troupe

American Freedom of Speech.  It is for real in the USA.


Missing PAACP

International Day in Camden County, New Jersey on Saturday, October 10, 2015

International Day Chairman Gwen DeVera tells Ed Garcia, President of Barangay “N Friends, and Emy Delgaudio, President of Philippine American Heritage Council, about her plans for the October 10 “International Day” at the annual Banquet of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations conference on August 15, 2015.

International Day Chairman Gwen DeVera tells Ed Garcia, President of Barangay “N Friends, and Emy Delgaudio, President of Philippine American Heritage Council, about her plans for the October 10 “International Day” at the annual Banquet of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations conference on August 15, 2015.

A free “heritage event” featuring ethnic food tasting and cultural family events including dancing and other performances organized by our Filipina friend and Voorhees Township Board Member Gwen DeVera, event chairwoman, will be held in Camden County, New Jersey at Eastern Regional High School, 1401 Laurel Oak Rd., Voorhees Township, NJ on Saturday, October 10, 2015 from 1 to 5 PM.  Our readers who reside in the Philadelphia area or within driving distance are invited to participate.

A limited edition of the Philippine American Heritage Museum will be on display at a booth shared by the Barangay Friends ‘N Families organization and Philippine American Heritage Council.  The Barangay Friends ‘N Families, which also was a sponsor of the 4th annual Heritage Festival of the Philippine American Heritage Council in York, PA in August, will also provide a dance troupe to performance at the October 10 “International Day.”

Logo drawing on the flyer for the International Day event on October 10

Logo drawing on the flyer for the International Day event on October 10

The four hour “International Day” celebration is hosted by The Camden County Board of Freeholders, Voorhees Culteral & Diversity Committee, Vorhees Cultural & Diversity Foundation and the Camden County Human Relations Commission with event chairman, Gwen DeVera.  Gwen, the Camden County Human Relations Commissioner and advocate for Filipino Americans and other first generation and new Americans, was recognized by Camden Mayor Dana L. Redd as a “Women of Purpose” during last year’s Women’s History Month event recognizing women who made positive contributions to Camden, New Jersey.

The event flyer link is HERE and if you want to hitch a ride or carpool with the local York area group heading that way on Saturday morning write Chairman@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org.

Annual Harvest Benefit Dance set for Saturday, Nov. 14

Follow the Dream Flyer

Harvest Benefit Dance Flyer

The Annual Harvest Benefit Dance, featuring music and entertainment with Filipina DJ Val Shutt, will feature dance lessons, raffles, a variety of foods and drinks and a family friendly atmosphere, will be held on Saturday, November 14 from 1 to 6 PM at the Red Lion Recreation Center, 190 South Charles Street, Red Lion, PA.  The dance is sponsored by Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant Scholarship, Inc.

Tickets purchased in advance are $15 or at the door $18 and there will be an Eventbrite page to be setup for online ticket reservations or you can reserve a spot by writing to Chairman@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org.

The Fan Page of the “Follow the Dream” organization is HERE

A Facebook Event Page for the November 14 pageant is HERE .

The pageant provides scholarship money for top performing college (or any other post high school education or training) bound students age 18 to 23.

The President and Founder of the “Follow the Dream Scholarship Pageant, Inc.” is Amalia “Alma” Gohn, a Benefactor of the 4th annual Heritage Picnic of the Philippine American Heritage Council (PAHC) on August 2 in York County, PA.   Alma also hosted the Philippine American Museum at the first Exhibit dedicated to Santo Nino (the Holy Infant Jesus) commemorating the Introduction of Christianity to the Philippines on August 8 at the 39th annual Red Lion Street Fair.

Alma’s Amalia Gray Beauty Boutique at 36 North Main Street, Red Lion, PA paid for the Exhibit space for the Pavilion and she says friends of the Philippine American Heritage Council get a discount if they wish to pamper and improve themselves, call her at 717/246-0444 or 717/881-3555.

Alma immigrated to the United States and became the proprietor of her own business, and now hopes to “pay it forward” as her way of saying thank you to America for the opportunity she has had and the success she has enjoyed.

The Philippine American Heritage Council strongly encourages members and friends within drive distance of York, PA to buy a ticket (or a table) at this function and we look forward to seeing you there.


Luzviminda Holiday Fiesta Christmas Party set for November 28 in Steelton, PA

Luzviminda Flyer

Luzviminda Flyer

The annual Holiday Fiesta Christmas Party of the Luzviminda Association of Central PA, USA, Inc., is set for November 28 in Steelton, PA (near state capitol Harrisburg) with doors open 5 PM, dinner served at 6 PM, at Union Hall, I.W. Abel Banquet Center, 200 Gibson St., Steelton, PA 17113.

The event is open to all Philippine Americans, family members, relatives and friends.  The event will feature Master of Ceremonies and DJ, Val Shutt, with her very popular music and entertainment.  Members of the Philippine American Heritage Council, many of whom attended the Luzviminda annual picnic, plan to attend the Holiday Fiesta.  To carpool (whether to give or get a ride) write Chairman@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org.

The Facebook page of Luzviminda is HERE  which also has an event flyer at the page (and above, click to enlarge).  The dress code is semi-formal attire so lets dress up for a nice night with family and friends, and please RSVP no later than November 15.  The price is a very reasonable $25 for adults, $15 for kids age 5 to 12 years old at the family friendly dinner.

Philippines singer-songwriter-actress Yeng Constantino Follows Her Dream

Philippines singer songriter actress Yeng Constantino

Philippines singer songriter actress Yeng Constantino

Philippines singer-songwriter-actress Yeng Constantino may be considered by some to be an old fashioned lady.  Married earlier in 2015, she remains openly “blissful” about her new status as a wife, and looks forward to spending time with her husband traveling and after that to having a baby.  “She said she is living her dream at the moment” reports Entertainment Inquirer.  She said she would write a blog about her upcoming family adventure, expected to begin at Christmas time in two months.  And when the traveling adventure dies down and she has the baby she also plans to take lots of pictures and share those with fans.

In this day and age when so many women are more concerned about career and income, Yeng Constantino reminds us what success and happiness is really all about – keeping a focus on family.  She serves as a great example of what everyone should try to strive for as a goal – having time with your spouse and family.  And for those of our readers who are not yet happily married we remind you of two important things – if you have brothers, cousins or other extended family don’t forget one of the things Filipinos have been noted for is their loyalty to family and that means spending time with them.  And, aside from your relationship with God, the most important thing you can do while you have the gift of life, is to search for a future spouse to enjoy life with.  We wish success upon all of our readers, and we are thankful to Yeng Constantino for setting a good example of what is important in life.

For more information on Yeng Constantino you can follow this link to Entertainment Inquirer (please note: this article does have a lot in Tagalog, for those who don’t speak the language).

Philippine American Heritage Council: Member or Subscriber?

The Philippine American Heritage Council welcomes new members, whether they are interested in our mission to share what we love best about Philippine and American history, culture, faith and freedom, or they reside in the York or south central PA area and wish to socialize and meet like minded people who are interested in the Philippines.  We note something which some have missed in the past: we welcome Americans who are interested in the Philippines as well as those of Philippines ancestry.

We do not discriminate for or against anyone based on their faith (Catholics, Protestants or any other religion or none at all, are all welcome!) or their country of birth and welcome those who share in our ideals, like our mission and who want to help advance our purposes.  We also welcome those who merely wish to be subscribers without any formal affiliation or association with PAHC.

The Philippine American Heritage Council is spared the cost and expense of filing annual tax returns to operate as a non-profit organization because we are organized as a semi-autonomous project of a parent organization which operates in all 50 states and is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit corporation, founded 25 years ago.  Unlike many (or most) other Philippine American and immigrant oriented associations, our purposes also include a focus on American exceptionalism.

Simply put, America is the greatest country on earth with the greatest opportunity for its citizen, new and those born here.  We don’t focus only on the Philippines which we call our country of origin, with America, our home.  Not everyone is going to like it when we put it that way.  If that troubles you, we are sorry and do not wish to cause offense but then neither will we apologize for being proud to be Americans.

You can help us expand by forwarding this email to others and sharing the link to our website HERE which is where the full text of this e-newsletter is posted.  You will find at the website the link to EITHER join as a MEMBER or to simply SUBSCRIBE.

For those who wish to ONLY subscribe you may subscribe also to our Facebook FAN page HERE (https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineAmericanHeritage)  which is open to anyone who is interested and is just a “click” away.

Or if you wish to join you may follow the link at our website AND ALSO you may wish to join the private Associate Members (only) group page on Facebook, which requires approval, HERE.

Philippine American Heritage Dance Troupe

For the 2nd year members of the Philippine American Heritage Council Dance Troupe perform, at the 4th annual Heritage Picnic

For the 2nd year members of the Philippine American Heritage Council Dance Troupe perform, at the 4th annual Heritage Picnic

We are on the lookout right now to expand our dance troupe which has performed at the last two annual Heritage Festivals of the Philippine American Heritage Council in York PA.  Based in the south central area of PA the dance troupe is seeking new members of all sizes, shapes and ages, noting this is a way to help improve the health of both your mind and your body as we share with others traditional heritage dances of the Philippines.

If you are interested you may send an email to DanceTroupe@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org.

Gentlemens Quarterly Profanity is Rude

GQ's rude article is pictured here, after we censored their profanity laced headline attacking candidate for President Dr. Ben Carson.

GQ’s rude article is pictured here, after we censored their profanity laced headline attacking candidate for President Dr. Ben Carson.

As a non-profit organization we don’t participate in political campaigns or support or oppose candidates for office.  But we did want to comment on this news bulletin.  The folks at GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) are really not acting like Gentlemen in using the headline Fxxx Ben Carson.  They may not like Dr. Ben Carson.  They may not like his answer to a question he was asked by a reporter.  But do they need to curse like that in their magazine and especially, use such profanity in their headline?

For the record, Dr. Carson was asked how he would handle a situation where a shooter was killing people one after the other, what would he do?  He replied, “Not only would I probably not cooperate with him, I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say, ‘Hey, guys, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.’ ”

We happen to think that sounds like an appropriate response to an active shooter situation and only hope and pray if any of us are in that unfortunate situation, that is exactly what we would do.  But, we respect if someone disagrees.  We don’t respect cursing in the headlines like that.  Do you?

Perhaps this is all just part of the increasingly nasty situation in America where some have as their goal, marginalizing those they don’t agree with.  We don’t approve at all.  We hope you don’t either.  Stick to debating issues, not cursing and demonizing those whose ideas you don’t agree with.  Stay tuned: this is part 1 of 3.  Here comes more:

Freedom of Speech.  It is for real in the USA.

Many countries outside of America have constitutions which mimic America’s including the guarantee of “freedom of speech.”  It is a shock to Americans to learn the truth about other countries.

Recently, one of our friends said that critics of the Philippine American Heritage Council had discovered at least one of the very pro-American speeches made by our Chairman in the past.  The way we were asked was “what’s this about Arizona, what is the controversy?”  We should tell you, there is a growing list of complaints about us by critics who don’t approve of our unashamedly pro-America focus, thinking that “real” Philippine American groups should only speak about food and the Philippines.

We respect their focus even if they don’t respect ours.  But we did go back and look and found this “excerpt” from a speech celebrating the American rule of law, during the controversy about a law passed in Arizona which gave police officers in that state the power to detain illegal immigrants after they had already been stopped for other crimes witnessed by a police officer.  The PAHC Chairman in that speech, on August 2, 2010, said:

In other countries, including my country of origin, the Philippines, some people who criticize the government have ended up being criminally prosecuted, or even killed. 

It isn’t always very safe to exercise what here is called “freedom of speech.”

Silencing you can also mean discrediting you, smearing you, lying about you.

The point being made to our friend appears to have been not to praise the PAHC Chairman for that speech 5 years ago but to marginalize or discredit PAHC.  We have been aware of this sort of criticism for the past year and starting with this newsletter and this date, we have a new policy.  We won’t ignore these sort of attacks any longer.  We won’t spend all of our time whispering in the dark our response to their whisperings but will instead, shine a light to banish the dark.  Starting here.  Starting now.  Starting today.  In this space, this article and below, more pointedly, in the next one.


We hereby announce that the Philippine American Heritage Council, by unanimous vote of its Board of Directors at its meeting in September, 2015 in Fairfax, Virginia, have expelled and banned three individuals and also voted unanimously to report this BAN to you with our recommendation that you avoid these individuals.  One of these is a spouse who has actually written even more hateful filth to us than what we have heard attributed to his wife.

Joseph McCarthy
Jhoann McCarthy (aka Jhojo McCarthy on Facebook)
Mary Anne Viernes Nielsen (aka MaAnne Viernes on Facebook)

As our readers know, the mission of Philippine American Heritage Council has been to share what we love best about the history, culture, faith and freedom of both the Philippines and America, and we have always welcomed to our ranks (as Associate Members) those who are Americans of Philippine ancestry as well as Americans who wish to help and support our work.

Sadly, not everyone we have come into contact agrees with this mission, even if in joining our ranks they say they do.  Some of these malcontents have worked hard to persuade our friends to quit the group or boycott our events in York, PA.

While they have freedom of speech – as they have recently reminded us when we asked them to stop their campaign against Philippine American Heritage Council and its leaders – so do we.

We now exercise our freedom of speech but unlike them, we do so in the light, with fair, advance warning given to them repeatedly, including an advance copy of this post for them to correct if we have made any errors, or if they prefer, for them to persuade us not to publish by simply signing an agreement that they will stop.

Effective with this publication we will no longer remain silent when we become aware of people who are spreading lies, filth and defamation about the Philippine American Heritage Council and those associated with it.

After eight warning emails, requests for them to stop, the publication of a detailed warning on our Facebook Associate Members only page (without naming their names there as finally we have done today) and even requests to meet with us to discuss their lies and share with them the truth, we have only been attacked more and it appears their filth has spread.

The lies about us are numerous and range from the petty, childish and silly, on up to the downright filthy, disgusting, defamatory and legally actionable.

Therefore, with repeated warnings given and ignored we hereby announce that we have expelled and now ban two Associate Members and one spouse.  This could have been done quietly, and they could have departed (resigned) in peace but, they have refused our reasonable requests to simply pledge (in writing) they will stop, and go in peace.

Our basis for a ban is simple:

“Do not let anyone deceive you with empty arguments: it is such behavior that draws down God’s retribution…  Make sure that you do not throw in your lot with them.  You were darkness once, but now you are light in the Lord; behave as children of light.”  Ephesians 5:6-8

We do not quote Scripture out of any sense that any of us are better than others.  We are all sinners and only ONE walked this earth who was without sin.  Of course, the false Christians in our midst have had a habit of trying to point to mistakes we have made – or perceived mistakes – or sins and errors – as “proof” that we are bad people or not as “Christian” as they are.  They give away their ignorance about Christianity by such behavior.

Anyone’s past sins, mistakes or failures are of course, forgiven by Him and therefore irrelevant.  What is important, is what are you doing right now?  The individuals we have expelled, banned and now report, are hard cases who insist on continuing their wrongful and evil behavior in attacking us with lies, in the vilest way.  We are willing to forgive what they have said and done in the past but they are unrepentant and unwilling to go, and sin no more.

This message has been sent in advance to the individuals expelled and banned.  They were warned one week earlier that they had, as we promised them if they continued to ignore us, been expelled and banned and now, also as promised, we will report them here.

We have received no response or one which refuses to address the problem (ie. we do not count threats and new demands as a response).

We note that while they insist on their having “freedom of speech” they are very silent when we ask, don’t we also?  They have demanded that we not speak of them here, while refusing to promise to us that they will also honor our request that they cease speaking their lies about us, to whomever will listen.

Instead we here proclaim to those we have banned and report, and to those who wish to help them in attacking us: “We will stop telling the truth about you when you stop telling lies about us.”

So long as the attacks against us continue and the source of these attacks are hateful people who operate in the darkness then we know we must be doing something right.  With this message, we will now defend ourselves regularly.

Be encouraged because if the dark attempts to overpower you, then you must be standing in the light.

But, our Lord also plainly warns us in Scripture that the best way to fight evil and fight temptation is simple – in the words of one Catholic priest in a homily he said, “Run like hell.”  In other words, avoid evil and avoid temptation.  Which is why we urge you to avoid the people we have expelled, banned and now report.

Remain in the light, remain firm, and shun those who stand in darkness.  God bless you and stay tuned for more in this series about these individuals who have joined them in their effort to attack and tear down the Philippine American Heritage Council and those associated with us.  And, “make sure you do not throw in your lot with them.”

Note: this article – except for this paragraph – was reviewed and approved by our board of directors.  It was sent in advance to the three individuals named, who have ignored all requests to meet with them to try and reach a written agreement with them to promise to STOP their campaign against us.  They have received at least 8 requests.  After a one week wait following our last warning and request and after they had been expelled and banned, we sent them this article we promised we would post, for any comment or suggestion they wished to make.  Again, we heard nothing back from them. 

They only whisper in the dark.  If you hear from them in their ongoing campaign to hurt or even destroy Philippine American Heritage Council and those associates with us, please help us strike back.  Please report them and what they tell you.  These people all have a glass jaw.  They don’t respond well to those who fight back.  They are bullies who should not be allowed to succeed in tearing down what they cannot themselves build.  

Write: Report@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org.  

We also appreciate your financial donation to help us pay for legal expenses in possible future defamation lawsuits or your volunteering your help if you are an attorney.  We do have one attorney but, many hands make light work.  Freedom of speech is not free.  It costs money to defend.  But then, as Sir Edmund Burke courageously said in the British House of Lords as the American revolution began, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Don’t let them marginalize and destroy.  Help us fight.  Thank you and especially thank you to the courageous individuals who have reported the truth to us.

Missing PAACP

We received word that another group whose events we have attended and having advance endorsed, seen many of our members also attend, was planning to have a board of directors meeting to review our website.  We are speaking of the Philippine American Association of Central PA, whose President Emeritus we have previously reported in these pages, honored us by attending our 2nd annual Heritage Picnic where we were pleased to have him join our U.S. Congressman, Scott Perry, as a speaker (introduced by our PAHC Chairman).

But now oddly, PAACP’s President advised us a few weeks ago that they were planning to have a board of directors meeting to review our website and let us know if they would give us permission to mention their organization’s name (such as where we said – and just repeated above – that their President Emeritus spoke at our picnic).

We didn’t know if this is a new free service they are offering, or they were looking for good ideas to use on their group’s website, or just offering to critique us, or what their plans were.  We did write to ask.  Several times.  No response at all.

Perhaps having heard that we plan to respond more vigorously to those who attack us as you have just seen us do, they got worried?  Or, perhaps this is just a coincidence.  But their entire website – such as it was (it had about four words total regarding their group’s mission/purpose, for example) has vanished.  Yes, it is gone.

And, perhaps it was also just a coincidence that the same week we got this strange message on Facebook, was the week that several malcontents associated with us were expelled and banned from PAHC?

And perhaps too, it was a coincidence that the week of the expulsion and ban which we have now just reported on, that the PAACP President defriended on Facebook, the PAHC President?

If you have any information to share with us as to what happened to the folks who seemed so eager to share with us their criticism of our website, and why suddenly have no website at all, please write. From what we can tell this group has a lot more money than us, who rely on volunteers and the help of a parent non-profit to do the financial reports required of non-profits.

So we certainly are curious after their written statement to us that they will be having a board meeting to review our website.  Our sources tell us that whatever happened or is being planned, it is all very confidential.  We suggest they check with the IRS code and the state laws governing non-profits, which stipulate that while you can vanish your website, your organization, as does ours, must still report in some detail about your finances each year to state and federal authorities.

And, you also have to have bylaws which are consistent with your articles of incorporation and your other filings with state and federal authorities.

So, what’s up with the missing website and is it coming back so we can return the favor and give them our critique, as we await the one they promised from their board of directors?  We can begin with the suggestion, don’t do another “brochure” or ‘static’ website but put some content there and then come back, perhaps a couple times a year, to add some more.

And, perhaps do a little bit more than just an annual fundraising event and a pot luck meal.  We’re always happy to share ideas with other Philippine American groups and also to learn from them.  But we won’t be learning anything from this secretive group at least, not until they put their website back up.  Stay tuned for more.

We anticipate at least the possibility that they may finally wake up and let us know what they have in store for us.  And no, we don’t plan on getting permission from them to write about them.  We didn’t ask permission to write about any of the people we mention in this article, see Bill of Rights, 1st Amendment.  Of course, if there is an error anywhere in this newsletter we’d be happy to hear from you or anyone else reading this to let us know so we can correct that.

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