Sold Out West Chester PA Christmas Party of Filipino-American Group this Saturday features their Dance Troupe

“Friends ‘N Family Associaton” Dance troupe will be the featured event at their annual Christmas Party Saturday, December 12 in West Chester, PA.

Barangay Friends ‘n Family Association Dance Troupe to be augmented with performance by new KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble Dance troupe sponsored by Philippine American Heritage Council

The Barangay Friends n’ Family Association (BFF) of West Chester, Pennsylvania, whose dance troupe was featured at the Camden, New Jersey “International Day” on October 10 and earned a standing ovation at the Philippine American Heritage Council 4th annual “Heritage Picnic” on August 2 which they co-sponsored, will be the main attraction at their annual, invitation only Christmas Party at the Days Inn Hotel and Conference Center in West Chester, PA this Saturday, December 12 from 6 to 11 PM.

KalayaanUSA performing for first time Nov. 14 at Amalia Gohn's "Follow the Dream" Benefit Dance.

KalayaanUSA performing for first time Nov. 14 at Amalia Gohn’s “Follow the Dream” Benefit Dance.

For only the second time, the new KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble Dance Troupe – Kalayaan being the Filipino word for “freedom” – will make an appearance to perform as the guests of the Barangay Friends n’ Family, sponsored by the Philippine American Heritage Council.

The KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble performed recently at the annual fundraising benefit of the Follow the Dream Scholarship Beauty Pageant on Saturday, November 14 at the Red Lion (PA) Community Building, led by its Chairman, Amalia Gohn, the owner of the Amalia Beauty Boutique.

Founding members of KalayaanUSA (partial list) include Aaliyah Haya, Mila Moosey (recuperating from surgery), Elomar “Jan” Siennick (center, bottom), Emy Delgaudio, Valerie Shutt

Founding members of KalayaanUSA (partial list) include Aaliyah Haya, Mila Moosey (recuperating from surgery), Elomar “Jan” Siennick (center, bottom), Emy Delgaudio, Valerie Shutt

The new, independent KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble is led by Chairman Val Shutt and will perform two dance performances to supplement the performances of the more experienced Barangay Friends ‘n Family.

Dinner and Dance – including the cultural display and performances – begin at 6 PM with the buffet dinner at 7 PM.  The Barangay Friends ‘n Family website has more information about the Association, which is active in West Chester, PA, to the east of Philadelphia.

“These are among the nicest and warmest Filipino-Americans in all of Pennsylvania and we are very excited to be given the privilege of a special invitation to participate in their important annual Christmas Party,” said Valerie Shutt, the Chairman of the KalayaanUSA Dance Troupe, which will perform Subli and Sinisinta Kita cultural dances.


KalayaanUSA also welcomes “youth members” to the troupe, with Lauren Parcon, Logan Shutt pictured.

Valerie also did DJ work for Amalia Gohn’s annual “Sinolog in the Summer” event (honoring the Infant Jesus) at the 39th Annual Red Lion Street Fair in early August where she also organized and led the Philippine American Association of Central PA young people’s dance troupe.

Earlier in August Valerie, whose DJ business includes a professional sound system and lighting system, was the DJ and MC for the 4th annual Philippine American Heritage Council (she can be reached for requests to DJ your event, to join her new dance troupe or for requests for the dance troupe at

Emy Delgaudio, Chairman of the Philippine American Heritage Council (PAHC), backed up what Valerie said, pointing out that members of her group will be seeing their Barangay “friends ‘n family” for the fourth time – after seeing them at the Philippine American Heritage Association 4th Annual Picnic on August 2, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations Gala Dinner (NAFFA Region) on August 15, and the International Day in Camden County, New Jersey on October 10.

Valerie Shutt, who has been asked to speak at the quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Philippine American Heritage Council in Frederick, Maryland on December 16 on the subject of cooperation and friendship among Filipino-American groups in Pennsylvania, and what makes America exceptional, will be the co-MC at the Friends ‘N Family Association Christmas dinner dance this Saturday.

BFF president, Edward “Ed” Garcia, who also performs with his wife Maria Fe in their dance troupe, will be the main MC and host of the dinner dance.

We salute the Garcia’s and their dance troupe and association for being a splendid example of Filipino warmth, hospitality, culture and class and highly recommend them to anyone within drive distance of West Chester, PA.

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