Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard on Sunday, August 30

“Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard” of Philippine American Heritage Council to be co-sponsored with Halbrendt Vineyard and Winery in Adams County

Example of “Let’s Go Country” outfits we suggest for this “Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard,” as modeled by members of KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble (photo by Liberten Parks)

Amidst the cancellation of virtually every type of public event and all Filipino summer picnics organized by various groups due to the Pandemic (Covid-19), the Philippine American Heritage Council is holding a “Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard” to be co-sponsored this year with – and at – Halbrendt Vineyard and Winery at Orrtanna, PA, near Gettysburg in Adams County.

All Americans interested in celebrating their heritage are invited to attend and bring a dish to share.

Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard
August 30, 2020, from 11 am to 5 pm|
Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery
1150 Evergreen Way
Orrtanna, PA 17353
Philippine American Heritage Council &
Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery

Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery welcomes you! (photo by Naomi Halbrendt)

Because of the pandemic and concern for safety of attendees of our annual Heritage Fiesta, previously held at a larger park to accommodate growing number of attendees each of the past 8 years, the Philippine American Heritage Council in collaboration with Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery owner, Dr. Noemi Halbrendt, are proud to announce a smaller and limited attendance summer “Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard” at the vineyard viewing area.  There are strict requirements for attendance, such as advance registration and more.

View from the Picnic Area (reminder: bring your own table & chairs) (photo by Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery)

Bring your own folding chairs, table (if you prefer) or blanket for seating, and your own dish to share with others.  Because of the Pandemic, we will have volunteers (wearing masks) serve the food once you place it on the common serving table.  Bottled water will also be served by our volunteers.

There will be dancing with a “Let’s Go Country” theme this year and a limited performance by KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble.  Guests are encouraged to wear country-western outfits.

Filipino-American owned “Rollz on Wheelz” to serve you (photo by Rolly Alegre)

Rollz On Wheelz, a Filipino-American owned food truck specializing in Filipino Cuisine (the first in Central PA), will be at the picnic to sell the popular Filipino refreshment called Halo-Halo and all regular meals in the menu like Pancit & Palabok (2 rice noodle dishes distinctly prepared in different way and different set of ingredients), Fried Spring Rolls and Deep Friend Cassava.

Picnic attendees and winery visitors can buy foods from the food truck, to either bring home or to consume at the picnic. And a portion of the sales will be donated to PAHC, to help pay for picnic supplies.

The Vineyard provides nice backdrop for photography (photo by Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery)

CDC and state of PA guidelines require guests to wear masks on their way in to the picnic and when they are in close proximity with other guests, either talking or moving around the picnic area (but not once seated and getting ready to eat).

At the registration table, someone will be taking the temperature of new arrivals with a use of contactless sensor thermometer.  No one with a fever or without a facemask will be admitted.

Attendees are required to pre-register in advance in order to assure that we have the correct amount of supplies (ice, paper plates, paper cups, etc.

Hand sanitizers in touchless, sensor activated dispensers will be available at the registration table and at the food table. Each arriving guests will be required to sanitize their hands before they settle in and mingle with friends and periodically during the picnic.

Food and water with utensils (disposable plate, cup, knife, fork, spoon, napkin) will be served only by designated volunteers at the food table section area.

Some surprise entertainment will be presented before and after lunch and social dancing is encouraged/ required to ensure that safety guidelines for outdoor gathering is strictly followed.

Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery is offering 10% discount for each bottle of wine purchased by registered guests.

They also announced at their Facebook Fan page that the seating area near the tasting room of the winery will be open to visitors and they can purchase foods from the food truck and local cheese plate meals will also be available for them in the winery.

Links of interest:

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Website: www.halbrendtwinery.com

Rollz On Wheelz
Facebook fan pahttps://www.facebook.com/rollzonwheelz/
Website: http://rollzonwheelz.com

Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard

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