Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard on Sunday, August 30

“Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard” of Philippine American Heritage Council to be co-sponsored with Halbrendt Vineyard and Winery in Adams County

Example of “Let’s Go Country” outfits we suggest for this “Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard,” as modeled by members of KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble (photo by Liberten Parks)

Amidst the cancellation of virtually every type of public event and all Filipino summer picnics organized by various groups due to the Pandemic (Covid-19), the Philippine American Heritage Council is holding a “Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard” to be co-sponsored this year with – and at – Halbrendt Vineyard and Winery at Orrtanna, PA, near Gettysburg in Adams County.

All Americans interested in celebrating their heritage are invited to attend and bring a dish to share.

Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard
August 30, 2020, from 11 am to 5 pm|
Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery
1150 Evergreen Way
Orrtanna, PA 17353
Philippine American Heritage Council &
Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery

Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery welcomes you! (photo by Naomi Halbrendt)

Because of the pandemic and concern for safety of attendees of our annual Heritage Fiesta, previously held at a larger park to accommodate growing number of attendees each of the past 8 years, the Philippine American Heritage Council in collaboration with Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery owner, Dr. Noemi Halbrendt, are proud to announce a smaller and limited attendance summer “Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard” at the vineyard viewing area.  There are strict requirements for attendance, such as advance registration and more.

View from the Picnic Area (reminder: bring your own table & chairs) (photo by Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery)

Bring your own folding chairs, table (if you prefer) or blanket for seating, and your own dish to share with others.  Because of the Pandemic, we will have volunteers (wearing masks) serve the food once you place it on the common serving table.  Bottled water will also be served by our volunteers.

There will be dancing with a “Let’s Go Country” theme this year and a limited performance by KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble.  Guests are encouraged to wear country-western outfits.

Filipino-American owned “Rollz on Wheelz” to serve you (photo by Rolly Alegre)

Rollz On Wheelz, a Filipino-American owned food truck specializing in Filipino Cuisine (the first in Central PA), will be at the picnic to sell the popular Filipino refreshment called Halo-Halo and all regular meals in the menu like Pancit & Palabok (2 rice noodle dishes distinctly prepared in different way and different set of ingredients), Fried Spring Rolls and Deep Friend Cassava.

Picnic attendees and winery visitors can buy foods from the food truck, to either bring home or to consume at the picnic. And a portion of the sales will be donated to PAHC, to help pay for picnic supplies.

The Vineyard provides nice backdrop for photography (photo by Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery)

CDC and state of PA guidelines require guests to wear masks on their way in to the picnic and when they are in close proximity with other guests, either talking or moving around the picnic area (but not once seated and getting ready to eat).

At the registration table, someone will be taking the temperature of new arrivals with a use of contactless sensor thermometer.  No one with a fever or without a facemask will be admitted.

Attendees are required to pre-register in advance in order to assure that we have the correct amount of supplies (ice, paper plates, paper cups, etc.

Hand sanitizers in touchless, sensor activated dispensers will be available at the registration table and at the food table. Each arriving guests will be required to sanitize their hands before they settle in and mingle with friends and periodically during the picnic.

Food and water with utensils (disposable plate, cup, knife, fork, spoon, napkin) will be served only by designated volunteers at the food table section area.

Some surprise entertainment will be presented before and after lunch and social dancing is encouraged/ required to ensure that safety guidelines for outdoor gathering is strictly followed.

Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery is offering 10% discount for each bottle of wine purchased by registered guests.

They also announced at their Facebook Fan page that the seating area near the tasting room of the winery will be open to visitors and they can purchase foods from the food truck and local cheese plate meals will also be available for them in the winery.

Links of interest:

Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery
Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/halbrendtwine/
Website: www.halbrendtwinery.com

Rollz On Wheelz
Facebook fan pahttps://www.facebook.com/rollzonwheelz/
Website: http://rollzonwheelz.com

Heritage Picnic at the Vineyard

6 Dance Troupes & Sen. Doug Mastriano this Sat.

Eighth Annual Event features Heritage Music and Dance Performances by local entertainers and dance troupes, Heritage Dishes & old fashioned burgers & hot dogs

Combat Veteran Colonel Doug Mastriano, US Army (Ret.), recently elected to State Senate for the western part of York County and Gettysburg, to deliver keynote address at Heritage Fiesta 7/6

The 8th Annual Heritage Fiesta, a potluck picnic event, featuring a series of dance and musical performances by local south central PA entertainers will take place this Saturday, July 6, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Cousler Park, (Pavilions C & D) at 1060 Church Road, York, PA 17404, with remarks by keynote speaker, recently elected PA State Senator Doug Mastriano (PhD., Colonel, Combat Vet, retired U.S. Army) and all candidates on the November, 2019 election ballot and all incumbent officeholders invited to make brief remarks and to mingle with the picnic attendees.  State Representative Mike Jones has also confirmed to attend and speak.

State Representative Mike Jones with Bonga KaDay at last year’s Heritage Fiesta. Both will be back this Saturday, 7/6.

This is the fourth year in which Philippine American Heritage Council (PAHC), the original organizer of this event, has renamed the annual picnic as “Heritage Fiesta” to celebrate the heritage, origins and culture of Americans.

Flyer for Heritage Fiesta, Sat. 7/6/19

PAHC is joined for the fourth year by co-sponsors York County Action and New Americans by Choice.  And for the third year Conservative Christian Center is a co-sponsor of the Heritage Fiesta.

Attendees to this family-oriented, “Fiesta” event are asked to Bring-A-Dish, especially one celebrating your own heritage, to share with at least 10 to 15 people.  Because past events have had an overflow crowd, an RSVP is suggested to RSVP@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org.  A nominal admission is asked, $2 per person, $3 for couple & $5 for family, and bring your own lawn chairs or blankets for seating in case the limited picnic-bench seating is all filled up.  And you can also set up your tent if you are bringing a crowd or want company (we don’t ask entertainers or speakers to bring a dish or pay any entrance fee).

KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble USA members, L-R: Mila Thomas, Eve Grey, Emy Delgaudio, Elomar Seinnick, Valerie Shutt, Aalyah Haya. Inset, (lower left) Heidi Vaught, (lower right) Dandy Diaz.

Highlights of the event include: wide variety of Heritage dishes, Cultural & Contemporary Performances, short program, cultural exhibits & sponsors’ literature/information tables, sound system, “meet and greet” by candidates and officeholders, Salute to Veterans, and fun activities for all ages, to include: group dancing, games for kids, etc.

Some of the most superlative and accomplished dance troupes of south-central Pennsylvania are featured at this year’s Heritage Fiesta.

The talented ladies of Bongga Ka Day dance team of Harrisburg will be putting in their third performance at the Heritage Fiesta.  Some of our members have attended their events and it is well worth the ride – this is one of the most welcoming and friendly of any Filipino Heritage group we have encountered.

We are excited to announce a first-time appearance will be put in by the Dancing Divas of Cumberland.

The popular Halo-Halo Youth Dancers of Harrisburg and Hershey are putting in their second appearance at Heritage Fiesta.  They have also done several joint appearances with the KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble.

First time appearances to entertain attendees at Heritage Fiesta will be Richel West (Singer from Cumberland), Musician Parker James Hooker(York, PA), Ukelele Uprising (orchestra of Lancaster).

Last but most certainly not least is the dance troupe of the founding organizer of this Heritage Fiesta, the KalayaanUSA (Freedom-USA) Cultural Ensemble featuring cultural & contemporary dance performers of South Central PA, sponsored by the Philippine American Heritage Council, making their sixth summer picnic appearance to celebrate what is best about Philippines and American culture, history, faith and beliefs..

This annual Heritage Fiesta begins at 11 AM with the buffet table opening at 12 noon, and a short program that will start at 12:30 PM, with PA Senator Doug Mastriano as the guest of honor and Keynote Speaker, addressing the crowd at 1:00 PM.  A retired U.S. Army combat veteran, Mastriano will speak on the subject of American exceptionalism.

As we always like to remind our fellow Americans, who knows better than first generation new Americans, what is great about America?  Who gave up more, to leave behind their country, family, friends and relatives, to come to America?   

Originally organized and operated by the Philippine-American Heritage Council since 2012 as a “Heritage Picnic,” the organizers of the event rebranded this festive summer event in 2016 as a “Heritage Fiesta” and have been reaching out to other heritage communities and those interested in American heritage to join in the fun and sharing.  We celebrate unity with diversity –differences make life interesting and fun.

Legislators and Candidates for office always find this event a more relaxed venue to meet and greet people, especially those within the immigrant community, who are not usually involved and engaged in the public policy arena, but might have concerns and questions to ask their legislators and candidates who want their vote.

In more recent years with Conservative Christian Center joining as a co-sponsor of the annual Heritage Fiesta there has been more attendance by church-going, conservative minded York County residents.

Refreshments, burgers, hotdogs, condiments, ice, plates, cups, napkins and utensils are provided by the sponsoring organizations.

The organizing committee seeks Donors and Sponsors, who support their mission: “To work together to embrace and appreciate the cultural diversity in our community.  As well as to be dedicated to preserve and share the best of the Christian, freedom heritage and culture of our adopted country America, and of our countries of origin.”

Heritage Fiesta Sponsors – such as Giant Food and in the past two years several Democratic Party candidates for office – help underwrite this event and are also given the option to have a literature table, as are all incumbent officeholders.  Even if you bring your check with you to the event your sponsorship or other donation is very welcome or you may write to Chairman@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org to support the Heritage Fiesta this year or next year.

Heritage Fiesta also welcome volunteers to assist during the main event, to work with any of the following committees: Cultural and Informational Display/Set-up, Food Set-up, Guests Registrations, Student who need volunteer hours are welcome to assist in any of the committees to get community service credit.

The November 2019 candidates of the Republican and Democratic Party are all invited to speak, as are the Republican and Democratic Party York County Chairmen. As of this date, candidates who have pledged to attend include: Sandra Thompson (Democrat, Court of Common Pleas Judge), Julie Wheeler ((Republican, York County Commissioner), Stacey Duckworth (Democrat, Clerk of Court), Sandra Harrison (Democrat, Prothonotary) and Shane Becker (Republican candidate during the primary, now running as Democrat, for Sheriff)

PA State Representative Mike Jones (93rd District, PA State House of Representatives), will introduce Senator Mastriano and will give his own brief remarks after.

For more information, readers may visit PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org. To RSVP, email RSVP@PhilippineAmericanHeritage.org OR RSVP@ConservativeChristianCenter.org or call 717-827-7330.



Heritage Fiesta Facebook event page:

Flyer: HERE.

State Senator Doug Mastriano

Senator Mastriano Facebook Page


Bongga Ka Day Facebook account: http://bit.ly/2twtsSR

KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble Facebook Fan Page: https://bit.ly/2KUbSU6 OR contact: Chairman@KalayaanUSA.org

Halo-Halo Youth Dancers

Dancing Divas, contact by email: dancingdvs@gmail.com

Richel West (Singer), contact by email: richaelbuhano@yahoo.com

Parker James Hooker (Artist & Musician): email: hookerparkerjames@gmail.com

Ukelele Uprising: contact by email to Dana or Dave at uke.rise@gmail.com

Philippine American Heritage Council Members to watch Star Wars, the Force Awakens, Here’s one reason why

160102StarWars2(KalayaanNEWS Dispatch, Opinion) Why is Star Wars once again at the top of the movie charts – in fact topping $1 billion in sales in its first 12 days?  Why does the franchise have such Iconic status in American and indeed in worldwide culture?  I believe it goes beyond just a good story, good quality, and good special effects – all truly present and accounted for.  It goes to something basic, something primordial in human nature: the wish, hope and prayer that what John, Chapter 1, Verse 5 says is really true – “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”.   Continue reading

TransAmerica Eagle Team Christmas Party in Wayne, PA this Tuesday

Some of the members of the KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble at recent event, will be performing at TransAmerica Eagle Team Christmas Party

Some of the members of the KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble at recent event, will be performing at TransAmerica Eagle Team Christmas Party

Members of Philippine American Heritage Council and BarangayFriends N Family to attend; KalayaanUSA Cultural Ensemble Third Performance Scheduled

Because of the outstanding, highly entertaining and culturally accurate presentation of Kalayaan USA Cultural Ensemble at the recent Barangay FriendsNFamily Christmas Party, the group got invited to present this coming Tueday, Dec. 22, at the TransAmerica Eagle Team’s Christmas Party at the Radnor Hotel in Wayne, PA.  The invitation to perform was extended by Fil-Am medical professional and Transamerica Financial Advisor, Mary Grace A. Rainey of Chester County, who communicated with photos and eyewitness account what she had seen to her organization’s leadership.    Continue reading

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Month

Emy Delgaudio speaking at U.S. Navy Supply Corps Assembly in Mechanicsburg, PA for their Asian and Pacific Islander Month Celebration, in behalf of Philippine American Heritage Council.

Emy Delgaudio speaking at NAVSUP in Mechanicsburg

Philippine American Heritage Council Chairman Salutes U.S. Navy & NAVSUP in Mechanicsburg, PA

Says E Pluribus Unum means a united States of America

The keynote speaker at an assembly of civilian workers, officers and enlisted personnel at the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania international headquarters of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps (NAVSUP) helped focus attention on this year’s theme of the annual Asian American and Pacific Islander Month called by proclamation by joint resolution of Congress and by Presidents from Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush through Barack Obama.

Emy Delgaudio, Chairman of the Philippine American Heritage Council (PAHC) and also a member of LuzViMinda Association of Central PA and the Philippine American Association of Central PA (PAACP), Kapitbayan Filipino American Association, Inc. (KFAAI),  spoke to this year’s theme of “Many Cultures, One Voice, Promote Equality and Inclusion” and headlined her remarks “E Pluribus Unum – Out of the many, One.” Continue reading

Asian American and Pacific Islander Month to be Commemorated at May 26 NAVSUP Assembly in Mechanicsburg, PA

Philippine American Heritage Council Chairman to be Keynote Speaker at Navy Base

Emy Delgaudio has been a speaker on the subject of American Exceptionalism, shown here speaking in Virginia in 2013.

Emy Delgaudio has been a speaker on the subject of American Exceptionalism, shown here speaking in Virginia in 2013.

The Philippine American Heritage Council (PAHC) will participate in the 4th Annual U.S. Naval Supply Systems (NAVSUP) Command assembly for its military and civilian personnel to commemorate “Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month” May 26 at its Mechanicsburg facility, Bldg. 309 Auditorium, 5450 Carlisle Pike, 1:30-2:30 PM.

Keynote remarks will be delivered to the assembly by PAHC Chairman, Emy Delgaudio, a first generation American from the Philippines whose late father served in the military under the American flag in the Philippines during its occupation by Japanese forces in World War II.  Ms. Delgaudio is also a member of the Philippine American Association of Central PA (PAACP), Kapitbayan Filipino-American Association, Inc. (KFAAI) and the LuzViMinda Association of PA (Luzon-Visayas-Mindanao).  She is a member of all three, in addition to serving as PAHC Chairman. Continue reading

Third Annual Philippine American Heritage Picnic set for Aug. 9 at John C. Rudy County Park

To Feature State Rep. Seth Grove, Candidates for office invited, Filipino Folk Dance, Hawaiian Children’s Dance, Cultural Display Booth,  a large assortment of Filipino Food Dishes

The Dance Troop of the Philippine American Heritage Council at a practice session in an area park, preparing for their debut performance at the 3rd annual picnic on Aug. 3.  Clockwise, starting lower left corner: Priscilla Bachman, Emy Delgaudio, Milagros Thomas, Mary Anne Nielsen, Emee Hemme, Jhoann McCarthy.  Their next and last practice will be "full dress rehearsal" with their new costumes.

The Dance Troop of the Philippine American Heritage Council at a practice session in an area park, preparing for their debut performance at the 3rd annual picnic on Aug. 3. Clockwise, starting lower left corner: Priscilla Bachman, Emy Delgaudio, Milagros Thomas, Mary Anne Nielsen, Emee Hemme, Jhoann McCarthy. Their next and last practice will be “full dress rehearsal” with their new costumes.

The 3rd Annual Heritage Picnic of the Philippine American Heritage Council will be held on Saturday, August 9 from 12 noon to 5 PM, with booth and food tables open for setup at 11 AM, at John C. Rudy County Park, Wren Pavilion in East Manchester Township near Emigsville, PA.

Many (but not all) of the attendees of the 2013, Second annual picnic of the Philippine American Heritage Council pose with keynote speaker, Congressman Scott Perry.

Many (but not all) of the attendees of the 2013, Second annual picnic of the Philippine American Heritage Council pose with keynote speaker, Congressman Scott Perry.

The Third Annual Picnic features State Representative Seth Grove delivering keynote remarks.  All candidates for state and local office who are on the ballot in York, PA are welcome to attend and may request time to speak to the group (the time allocated will be limited). Continue reading