Sixth Annual Heritage Fiesta Tomorrow Earns Major News Media Coverage

The Philippine American Heritage Council is in the news again with this page 3 Community Courier article (click on image to read it).

Last call for you to bring a dish and join us tomorrow at what promises to be the biggest and the best “Heritage Fiesta” annual picnic, organized for the sixth year by the Philippine American Heritage Council and New Americans by Choice, co-sponsored for the second year by York County Action, for the first year by the Conservative Christian Center.

Heritage Fiesta Flyer
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Please note the “second front page” article (as page 3 is commonly called in the newspaper business) about the Heritage Fiesta in the Community Courier this week (click on the image to read the entire article if you missed it).

And, we are making progress with the Democrats, who we have been asking to attend and speak for all six  years but only once had one of their candidates stop by and speak and mingle (Linda Small, who lost her race for State Senate but made friends with many at our picnic).

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